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Welcome to LTI Optics

Thanks for visiting our new company and our new website. LTI Optics was created in 2006 in order to provide the focus and attention that Photopia and our optical design consulting services deserved. It is the same software, same people, just a new name and better focus.

On this website you'll find the latest information about Photopia and our optical design services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the link above.

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Background of Lighting Technologies

Lighting Technoligies has been providing lighting software since the early 1980's, and FiELD and Photopia since the 1990's. LTI also provided custom lighting application software for many manufacturers. One of these manufacturers was Musco Sports Lighting. Musco decided that having their software developers at an outside company was risky, so they dediced to purchase the assets of Lighitng Technologies and hire the staff. However, only half of our company did this type of work. The other half worked on Photopia and design consulting. Musco allowed us to transition the Photopia and consulting business to a new company, LTI Optics. All of those involved with Photopia transitioned to this new company and we have continued to hire so that we can expand our resources.