Photopia updates are provided to customers with a current Annual Design and Upgrade Package. The updates will be sent to your email. If you don't have an ADUP or haven't received an update email, please use the button below.

Photopia 2017

Date Version Description
2017-11-6 2017.3.0
  • general cleanup/formatting of Photometric Report and Raytrace Report in new reports inside of Photopia
  • fixed bug when spectral lamps and volumetric scattering materials were used together
  • fixed issue with fully asymmetric distributions in Photopia and photopia | reports
2017-8-18 2017.2.1
  • fixed issue with rayset energy
  • improved drawing of 3D rays with zero energy
  • improved memory consumption during raytrace
  • improved handling of fully asymmetric photometry
  • removed photometric report from IES file header
2017-7-10 2017.2
  • added entirely new reports and plots
  • added 3D ray filtering
  • added adjustments for viewing IR and UV on illuminance planes
2017-3-31 2017.2
  • improved installation of license server
2016-12-20 2017.1
  • fixed spectral refractive material issue
  • improved installation of license server
  • reduced raytrace memory usage
  • improved error categories for radiant watt lamps
2016-10-12 2017.0
  • new polar plots
  • anisotropic transmissive material bug fixes

Photopia 2015

Date Version Description
2016-6-29 2015.2
  • Fixed efficiency with mixed lamp types
2016-5-12 2015.2
  • Added support for anisotropic transmissive materials
  • Improved stability for non-English systems
  • improved opening of old Photopia files
  • Added tracking for SPD material issues
2016-2-17 2015.1.1
  • Improved stability for non-English systems
  • Improved support of anisotropic materials at 0deg incidence angles
  • Corrected issue with floodlight report efficiency difference
  • Added SPD raytrace explanation
  • Fixed illuminance planes with spectral sun models
  • Fixed License Server installation shortcut creation
2015-11-4 2015.1.0
  • Fixed bug that prevented the "Open IES file in Photopia" right click from working in Windows Explorer
  • Fixed beam angle issue in axially symmetric photometry
  • Fixed issue with lamps not saving updates to watts and driver watts
  • Updated photometric report text wrapping and scrolling
  • Fixed .ill file issue with large values
  • Fixed LibrarySync issue with color data files
  • Fixed issue with spectral data outside the visible range
2015-8-25 2015.0.0
  • Spectral material support
  • Added energy unit options

Photopia 2014

Date Version Description
2015-4 2014.1.3
  • Raytrace speed optimizations
  • New installation software
  • Fixed issue with some usernames with extended characters
2015-2 2014.1.2
  • Improved lamp parametric array handling
  • Improved fillet with PODT refractors
  • Fixed hang with refractive scattering materials
  • Fixed twisted PODT surfaces
  • Fixed illuminance plane coordinate display
  • Fixed illuminance plane text display
  • Fixed contour plot on re-opening project
  • Fixed negative bulge resolution
2014-10 2014.1
  • Open IES files directly in Photopia
  • Fixed illuminance plane statistic update during raytrace
  • Improved licensing dialog
  • Fixed SAIL issues in some lamp models
2014-8 2014.0.4
  • Fixed Exclude Initial Ray reactions
  • Fixed array and mirror settings out of CPlane
  • Fixed reporting of invalid refractor rays
  • Fixed lamp wattage with multiple lamp types
  • Fixed .ill files with large values
  • Fixed per thousand scaling for color lamps
  • Fixed beam and field angles for non-centered Type B photometry
2014-6 2014.0.2
  • Fixed attenuation value reporting
  • Fixed rayset lumen scaling
2014-5 2014.0.1
  • Increased size of Design Properties Screen
  • Increased size of Material Selection Screen
  • Added EUMLUMDAT and TM-14 files
  • Fixed rotated Type B photometry
  • Fixed length of error rays
2014-4 2014.0.0
  • New multithreaded raytracer
  • New color raytracer
  • Added color lamp models

Photopia 3

Photopia for SOLIDWORKS is versioned based on the version of SOLIDWORKS it was released with. For example, Photopia for SOLIDWORKS 2015 was released with SOLIDWORKS 2015 and is compatible with SOLIDWORKS 2015-2012.

Photopia for SOLIDWORKS updates are provided to customers with a current Annual Design and Upgrade Package. The updates will be sent to your email. If you don't have an ADUP or haven't received an update email, please use the button below.

Photopia for SOLIDWORKS 2017 - for SOLIDWORKS 2014-2017

Date Version Description
2017-11-6 2017.3.3
  • improved drawing of illuminance planes and rays in Solidworks
  • fixed crash in Solidworks PODT view
  • fixed bug when viewing new reports in Solidworks 2018
  • fixed bug when spectral lamps and volumetric scattering materials were used together
2017-8-17 2017.2.1
  • fixed issue with rayset energy
  • improved drawing of 3D rays with zero energy
  • improved memory consumption during raytrace
  • improved handling of fully asymmetric photometry
  • removed photometric report from IES file header
  • improved loading of new reports
2017-7-10 2017.2
  • added entirely new plotting and reporting
  • added new 3D ray filtering
  • adding ability to modify illuminance plane display for IR or UV wavelengths
2017-3-31 2017.1.1
  • added PODT option to create closed reflectors, useful for TIR collimators
  • added anisotropic material support
  • improved installation for SOLIDWORKS 2017+
2016-12-20 2017.1
  • added buttons to remove Photopia attributes from assembly
  • fixed spectral refractive material issue
  • improved installation of license server
  • improved updating of candela plots
  • reduced raytrace memory usage
  • improved saving of radiant watt setting
  • improved error categories for radiant watt lamps
  • improved updating of report windows with configuration change
2016-10-12 2017.0
  • Interface added in German, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and French
  • Support for Solidworks 2017, including high-DPI screens
  • New vector based polar plots

Photopia for SOLIDWORKS 2016 - for SOLIDWORKS 2013-2016

Date Version Description
2016-6-29 2016.2
  • Improved stability on non-English systems
  • Fixed bug in Lamp Browser
  • Fixed bug with mixed lamp type efficiency
  • Fixed bug with appearances on subassemblies
  • Fixed PODT minimum thickness units
2016-5-10 2016.2
  • Added Parametric Optical Design Tools
  • Added support for anisotropic transmissive materials
  • Improved assigning of appearances to subassemblies
  • Cleaned up text in Lamp PropertyManager
  • Fixed case sensitivity of material names
  • Added tracking for SPD material issues
2016-2-17 2016.1.0
  • Fixed translation of luminous dimensions to proper axes
  • Improved installation stability
  • Fixed License Server installation shortcut creation
2015-11-4 2016.0.1
  • Again improved speed of raytrace pre-processing, significantly
  • Added button to show raytraced geometry
  • Added EULUMDAT file export
  • Added material name to Photopia Appearance Browser
  • Fixed beam angle issue in axially symmetric photometry
  • Updated photometric report text wrapping and scrolling
  • Updated display of shaded illuminance planes
  • Fixed issue with spectral data outside the visible range

Photopia for SOLIDWORKS 2015 - for SOLIDWORKS 2012-2015

Date Version Description
2015-4-14 2015.0.7
  • Improved speed of raytrace pre-processing
  • Added 3D Ray display
  • Added button to show/hide illuminance planes
  • Improved issues with parts in patterns and subassemblies
2015-1-28 2015.0.3
  • Fixed issues with lamps in subassemblies
  • Improved lluminance plane display
2014-12-8 2015.0.1 Initial release

Photopia | Reports is a standalone program that displays data from ies, ldt and ill files. It also is used within Photopia and Photopia for SOLIDWORKS to display data.

Reports 2017 - initial releases

Date Version Description
2017-11-6 2017.3.0
  • added photopia | reports application to the windows start menu
  • associated IES files with the new photopia | reports application
  • added iso-illuminance view to new photopia | reports application
  • added spline option to XY Intensity plot
  • added support for IES candela multiplier in photopia | reports application
  • added half beam and field angles, and beam and field angle energy to reports
  • added total lumens, efficacy and efficiency to reports
  • added control for PNG export resolution
  • added licensing support for new photopia | reports to allow standalone installs
  • fixed bugs in SVG export from plots
  • fixed issue with fully asymmetric distributions in Photopia and photopia | reports
  • fixed file format issues with exported LDT files
  • fixed decimal delimeter issues in new photopia | reports application
2017-8-18 2017.2.1
  • improved handling of fully asymmetric files
  • changed program icon
  • changed program exe name
2017-7-10 2017.2
  • added complete reports
  • added xy intensity plot
  • added intensity table
  • added iso illuminance plot
  • added LCS plot
  • added cone of light plot
  • added roadway CU plot
  • added roadway CU table
  • added indoor CU table
  • added luminaire properties
  • added IES header table
  • added indoor summary data
  • added outdoor summary data
  • added EnergyStar for Luminaires v2.0 report style
2016-10-12 2017.0
  • initial release with candela plot

Library updates are available for customers with a current Annual design and Update Package. Library contents are identical across all versions of Photopia. The updates will be sent to your email. If you don't have an ADUP or haven't received an update email, please use the button below.

2016 Library Additions

Beginning in late 2015, library additions are viewable on our sortable lamp and material pages.

2015 Library Additions

Date Version Description

Beginning in late 2015, library additions are viewable on our sortable lamp and material pages.

  • Universal 6.4W 6" 20 LED linear module
  • Universal 9.6W 9" 30 LED linear module
  • Lepower 50W 5012 Series COB
  • Shenzhen 500W COB
  • 2700K, 4500K and 6500K lasers
  • Spectral acrylic and polycarbonate
  • Remote Phosphor
  • 60 LEE Dichroic Glass Filters
  • Pexco Durayl LED 103 Acrylic Diffuser
  • Pexco Durayl LED 104 Acrylic Diffuser
  • Pexco Durayl LED 105 Acrylic Diffuser
  • Pexco Durayl LED 106 Acrylic Diffuser
  • Sylvania HSLM2.5 LED Module
  • Sylvania HSLM3.5 LED Module
  • Sylvania TPT8X4NLA-18WSB LED Tube
  • Alanod Miro 12 HD Anodized Aluminum Material
  • Alanod Miro Silver 12 HD Anodized Aluminum Material
  • Cree XP-L-HI-5700K LED
  • Xicato XTM09803007 LED Module
  • Xicato XTM09803020 LED Module
  • Nichia NVSL219C LED
  • Cree CXB-1830-3000K LED
  • Lumileds L170-40800A3B-3800K LED
  • Lumileds 5400K and 5900K LXZ2-5790-Y LEDs
  • Sylvania TUBLEDECO24 and TUBLEDECO48 LED Tubes
  • Acacia A1LEDAC, A1LEDPC58, A8 Clear, A8 Frost, and A2100 Frost Diffusers
  • Lumileds MXA8-PW40-3900K LED
  • Cree XQ-E RGB LEDs
  • Cree MHD-E 2600K LED
  • Cree MHD-G 3000K LED
  • Samsung SPMWHT541MD 3900K LED

2014 Library Additions

Date Version Description
  • Cree XHP-50 3000K and 5200K LEDs
  • Cree XHP-70 3000K and 5600K LEDs
  • Cree XM-L2 LED
  • GE 35W and 70W ConstantColor CMH Precise
  • Cree 3000K and 4400K CXA3590 LEDs
  • Cree MH-B LED
  • Evonik WD300 ACRYLITE SatinIce White Optimum Light Diffuser
  • Osram Oslon Black Flat LED
  • Plaskolite Loaded White K12 Diffuser
  • Rotuba 1.5mm Durafrost Diffuser
  • Citizen CLU024-1204B8, CLU034-1205B8, CLU034-1208B8, and CLU044-1212B8 LEDs
  • Lumileds LUXEON MZ LED
  • Rotuba RE-LED-S, RE-LED-T, RE-LED-T+ Diffusers
  • Nichia NFSL757DT-V1 LED
  • Citizen CL032-1206A5-503M1A2, CL032-1212A5-503M1A2, CL042-1818A5-503M1A2, & CLL600-0101A1-65CM1 LEDs
  • Luminus Devices CXM-14-27-80-36-AA00-F2-2, CXM-18-27-80-36-AA00-F2-2, & CXM-27-27-80-36-AA0-F2-2 LEDs
  • Osram HMI 1800W/SE XS MH Stage Lamp
  • Xicato XIM 1300lm & 3000lm LED Modules
  • Cree XP-L-3000K & XP-L-5700K LEDs
  • Z-Light ZR-39WWV5C2100 Cylindrical LED
  • Seesmart 200803-001 Clear Tube Light
  • Osram DURIS S8 LED
  • Seoul STW8Q14C LED
  • Cree XB-H-2900K, XB-H-3700K, & XH-B-5300K LEDs
  • Tesleon 58-D305-15T-1.2 Induction Lamp
  • Intematix CL-835-LIN01-PC0 Linear Module
  • Cree XB-G-HVW-CW LED
  • Tridonic STARK-QLE-G3-250-830, STARK-QLE-G3-250-840, STARK-QLE-G3-270-830, and STARK-QLE-G3-270-840 Modules
  • Lumileds LXZ1-PA01-0300, LXZ1-PB01-0040, LXZ1-PD01-0048, PE01-0064, PH01-0064, PL01-0056, PM01-0088, and PR01-0550 LEDs
  • Universal M700C840M10KSV LED Module
  • Lumileds LHC1-3080-MINI and LHC1-3080-1211 LEDs
  • White Optics C19 and C19HD Diffusion Coatings
  • Universal AM700C840D72N2S00C Linear Module
  • Vossloh Schwabe DML62EWLA, SMD1044000, and WU-M-450-40K-CUR Modules
  • Fulham HH-IL-B55W-4K Induction Lamp
  • Panasonic 18084825, LUGA 7000, and LUGA 10000 LED Modules
  • Universal Lighting Technologies AM10CC840D56N2S00C, M10CC840D56N3S00C, M510C840D72N3S00C, M525C840D28N11S00C, and ULT_2013_10K LED Modules
  • Samsung LH351B and LH351Z LEDs

2013 Library Additions

Date Version Description
  • Bright View Technologies M-PR05-PE07-S-D01 and M-PR15-PE07-S-M Mixing Diffusers
  • Evonik 2mm 0D002DF, 2mm & 3mm 0D010DF, 3mm 0M001 SC, 3mm 0M033 SC, 2mm & 3mm WD008DF, and 2mm WD500DF Diffusers
  • THINK Green Solutions LED-THK-TUBE-110-5K4E-22W
  • Furukawa MCPET-E3, MCPET-P3, MCPET-RB, MCPET-S4, and MCPOLYCA-YN White Reflective Sheets
  • TRILUMACOAT optiXLR95HD, optiXLR95HG, optiXLR95LG, optiXLR95TXL, and optiXLR96LG White Reflective Coatings
  • Evonik 0D002 2mm, 0D010 2mm, 0D010 3mm, 0M001 SC3, 0M033 SC3, WD008 2mm, WD008 3mm, and WD500 2mm Diffuser Materials
  • DuPont RFL1/150, RFL2/188, and RFL3/175
  • Reflek Bright Dip, Fully Diffuse, Semi-Diffuse, and Super Specular Clear Anodized Aluminum
  • EYE Lighting CMTP270/BUD/941/PS CMH
  • Samsung SPMWHT325AD5YB0S0 LED
  • Samsung SPMWHT541MD5WATMS2 LED
  • Osram DURIS E 5 LED
  • Tridonic 28000265 STARK-DLE-PURE-G2-LES65-2000-840-CLA LED Module
  • Tridonic 28000267 STARK-DLE-PURE-G2-LES65-3000-840-CLA LED Module
  • Tridonic 28000269 STARK-DLE-G2-LES65-2000-840-CLA LED Module
  • Tridonic 28000271 STARK-DLE-G2-LES65-3000-840-CLA LED Module
  • TerraLUX TLM-L04A, TLM-L06A, and TLM-L08A Linear LED Modules
  • Dow Corning MS-1002 & MS-1003 Injection Moldable Optical Silicone Materials
  • Dupont ACR330 Non-woven White Reflector Material
  • Sabic 915R-WH9G002 1mm & 1.5mm White Reflector Materials
  • Sabic BFL4000U-WH3150 White Reflector Material
  • Sabic LUX2289-WH9G012 1mm & 1.5mm White Reflector Materials
  • Sabic LUX2619-WH9G012 1mm & 1.5mm White Reflector Materials
  • Sabic LUX7189-WH9G012 1mm & 1.5mm White Reflector Materials
  • Osram GW-P9LMS1-EM and GW-P9LRS1-EM DURIS S 8 LEDs
  • Honglitronic HL-A-2835 LED
  • Lumileds LUXEON Z and LUXEON Z ES LEDs
  • Lumileds LUXEON 3535L LED
  • Bright View C-HE05-PE07-S-M01, C-HE10-PE07-S-M01, M-PR10-PE07-S-D01, C-HE15-PE07-S-M02, C-HE20-PE07-S-M01, C-HE30-PE07-S-M02, C-HE40-PE07-S-M01, C-HE55-PE07-S-M02, C-HH55-PB07-T-M01, C-HE80-PE07-S-M02, C-HH80-PB07-T-M02, and G-GC90-PE07-S-D01 Diffuser Materials
  • Bright View R-MG98-D02 Bright White Reflector Material
  • York Y8 and Y17 Prismatic Diffuser Materials
  • Sylvania LED11T8L24-F-HO-850 and LED22T8L48-F-HO-850 LED Tubes
  • ACA 425OE Specular, 475OB Peen, and 914MX Diffuse Aluminum
  • Mitsubishi Plastics Technologies HISHIMETAL EX-DR and PVC White Plastic Laminated Metal
  • Nichia NCSA119, NCSB119T, and NCSR119 LEDs
  • Lumileds LUXEON S2000, S3000, and S5000 LED Arrays
  • Cree XQ-D LED
  • Fusion Optix WRF-150, Microlens, PCUV4040, PCUV8080, PMMA3030, and PMMA6060 Materials
  • Philips 22T8-EXT-48, LED10T8L24-F-850, LED15T8L36-F-850, LED20T8L48-F-850 LED Tubes
  • LG Innotek LLFML31-08L401A, LLFML31-10K401A, LLFML31-10K401B, LLFML31-11K401C, LLFML33-13K401A, LLFML33-37M401A, and LLFML61-22L401A LED Modules
  • Nichia NFSW757D LED
  • Green Lighting LED UST8-4HP18-C and UST8-4HP18-F LED Tubes
  • BWF Diamond PRISM Microprismatic Diffuser Sheet
  • ATG HFL-8030N and HFL-8100N LED Tubes
  • Lumileds LUXEON Rebel Plus LED
  • Tridonic STARK-LLE24, STARK-LLE-24, STARK-LLE35, and STARK-QLE-G2 TALEXX Modules
  • ACA 492 Low Gloss White and 494 Textured White
  • Lumenetix CTM012, CTM019, and CTM032 LED Modules
  • Philips LEDLINE-1R-HV1, LEDLINE-1R-LV1, and LEDLINE-3R-HV1 LED Modules
  • Cree LMH020-3000 and LMH020-3000 w/ Dome LED Modules
  • Bridgelux BXRC-30E1000, BXRC-30E2000, BXRC-30E4000, and BXRC-30E10K0

2012 Library Additions

Date Version Description
  • ATG HFL-8000M, HFL-8040M, HFL-8080M LED Light Tubes
  • Lumileds LUXEON T LED
  • Cree MK-R-WW LED
  • White Optics F-16.4 white diffuse reflector surface
  • Yaming 210W JT210ED(90)4K E40 BU ED-28 CMH Lamp
  • Yaming 210W JLT210OT(46)4K E40 H E T-15 CMH Lamp
  • Osram OSLON Square LCW CQAR.EC-MSMU-5L7N-1 LED
  • Osram OSLON Square LCW CQAR.PC-MUNQ-5J7K-1 LED
  • Graphix Plastics Optigraphix 0.003" DFMM, 0.003" DFPM, 0.007" DFMM, 0.007" DFPM
  • Mold-Tech MT-11002 Etched Transmissive Plastic
  • Nichia NVSW219B LED
  • Prolight PCDW-6LWE-B LED
  • Seoul SAW8KG0B LED
  • Samsung SPHWHTL3D303E6R0H5 LED
  • Cree XM-L-RGBW and XP-E2-CW LEDs
  • Generic White PCB Material
  • York Precision Plastics Y10 and Y20 Diffuser Materials
  • Bayer 0.118" LW9 Makrolon Lumen XT Polycarbonate Diffuser
  • Bright View Technologies C-HE-15 C-Series Symmetric Diffuser
  • CREE CXA1507 and CXA2520 LEDs
  • Seoul Semiconductor SMJDA3013220 LEDs
  • Fulham TM02LN40xx-001, TM03LN05xx-002, TM03LN40xx-001, TM04LN40xx-001, TM06LN13xx-001, TM18LN05xx-003, TM18LN05xx-005, TM24LN05xx-001 LED Modules
  • Fulham TM05SQ40xx-001,TM06SQ26xx-001, TM06SQ40xx-001, TM16SQ12xx-001, TM25SQ05xx-001 LED Modules
  • Seoul Semiconductor SZ5-M0-WN-00 and SZ5-P0-WN-00 LEDs
  • Plaskolite OPTIX Acrylic Diffuser Material
  • Citizen CLL130-0102A5 LED
  • Tridonic SLE-C043, SLE-C044, SLE-C045, SLE-C048, and SLE-C052 LED Modules
  • ACA 95E, 466MR, 490LB, 492MR, 493MR, 496MR, and 987AB Aluminum Materials
  • Nichia NS9W383 LED
  • Tridonic LES19, LES23, and LES26 LEDs
  • Jordan HD10 Anodized Aluminum
  • Lumileds Luxeon M LED
  • Nichia NS2L757AT LED
  • Seoul Semiconductor SMJEA3011220 and SMJEA3012220 LED Modules
  • Vossloh-Schwabe WU-M-431, WU-M-432, and WU-M-437 LED Modules
  • Genesis Plastics VALAR 0.55, VALAR 0.80, and VALAR-XT Formed White Reflector Materials
  • CREE MT-G Gen 2 LED
  • NIPPO FRT-1000 40" Seamlessline T6
  • Citizen CLL600-0101A1 LED
  • PCT RAL 9003 White Powder Coating
  • Osram PrevaLED LEP-1000-840-L LED Module
  • Mold-Tech MT11001 Etched Transmissive Plastic
  • EYE Lighting CMP230 CMH Lamp
  • Honglitronic HL-A-3014H343W LED
  • Samsung STIFMW835451100AAA LED Array
  • Vossloh-Schwabe WU-M-425-NW LED Roadway Light Module
  • Citizen CLL010-0305, CLL020-1204, and CLL050-1825 LEDs
  • Arkalumen LH-100, LN-100, LH-200, LN-200, LH-500, LN-500, and SH-300 LED Arrays
  • Lumileds LUXEON A LED
  • Nichia NSBLL165-H3E LED
  • Philips Fortimo SLM-3000 Gen 2 LED Module
  • Seoul Semiconductor STW8Q14BE LED
  • CREE XB-D and XT-E LEDs

2011 Library Additions

Date Version Description
  • Seoul Semiconductor C8WT803 LED
  • Citizen CLL030-1206, CLL030-1208, CLL030-1212, CLL040-1218, and CLLL040-1818 LEDs
  • Osram PrevaLED Core ECO Z2 2000 lumen and 3000 lumen LED Modules
  • Samsung SPMWHT221MD LED
  • Xicato XLM-80XX-3000, XLM-80XX-4000, XSM-80XX-1300, XSM-80XX-2000, XSM-95XX-1000, and XSM-95XX-1300 LED Modules
  • 3M VM2000 Visible Specular Mirror Material
  • Almeco 121/4, 121/5, 130/2, 130/4, S127, S128, V95120, V95125, V95127, V95138, V98100, V98120, V98125, and V98127 Aluminum Materials
  • Osram LCW W5SM Golden DRAGON LED
  • Toshiba 1100 lumen Medium and Wide Beam Light Engines
  • Toshiba 2000 lumen Medium and Wide Beam Light Engines
  • Bridgelux QXRA-W0220 LED Array
  • Luminit 90 Degree Diffuser
  • Osram 74801 LED Array
  • EYE Lighting 270W Cera Arc Ceramic Metal Halide
  • White Optics WO-M16 High Reflectance Diffuse White
  • Bayer 0.060" LC7, 0.118" LW7, and 0.060" LW9 Makrolon Lumen XT Polycarbonate Diffusers
  • Osram 800 lumen and 3000 lumen PrevaLED LED Modules
  • TDS Lighting TDS-P001L4U14 LED
  • Apex Metal Group Super White Low Gloss and High Gloss Reflector Sheet
  • Bayer 0.06" LC5, 0.06" LW5, 0.118" LC5, and 0.118" LW5 Makrolon Lumen XT Diffusers
  • Samsung HV-DC WA6 LED
  • Nichia NS2L157ART-H3 LED
  • Bayer 0.06" LC3, 0.06" LW3, and 0.118" LW3 Makrolon Lumen XT Polycarbonate Diffusers
  • Nichia NCSW219AT LED
  • Sharp Mega Zenigata GW5DMC30M04
  • Philips HBM-4000-641, HBM-4000-740, and HBM-4000-757 LED Modules
  • Philips HBM-6000-641, HBM-6000-740, and HBM-6000-757 LED Modules
  • Sylvania 20W, 35W, and 50W IRC Halogen Lamps
  • CREE LMH6 2000 lumen and 2900 lumen LED Modules
  • Nichia NSBLL110 LED
  • Bayer 0.118" LC3 and LC7 Makrolon Lumen XT Polycarbonate Diffusers
  • Lexalite Lumieo S84DW020 Acrylic White Diffuser
  • Generic Vacuum Metalized Plastic
  • Lumileds LUXEON S LED
  • Aleddra LLT-4-T8-C-S-W 4' T8 Clear Light Tube
  • Saves Smart SST104F20WCC 4' Clear Light Tube
  • Seoul Semiconductor STW8Q2PA LED
  • Rotuba Opal Acrylic Material
  • CREE LMR020-0650 LED Module
  • Bayer Makrolon Lumen XT LC3 Polycarbonate Diffuser
  • White Optics Formed White Gloss Reflector Material
  • Plaskolite OPTIX Frost Diffuser
  • Plaskolite KSH-20 Diffuser

2010 Library Additions

Date Version Description
  • LexaLite LEX-EFX S-SAC-50-RD-Z-WW Light Control Film
  • Vossloh-Schwabe WU-M-403-XPE, WU-M-403-XPG, WU-M-404-XPG, and WU-M-405-XPG Modules
  • Nichia NSPWR70CSS-K1 LED
  • CREE LMR040-0700 LED Module
  • Osram LEP-2100-930-HD-C PrevaLED LED Module
  • Citizen CL-L270-2MU1WW1-A LED
  • Philips CDM-T 20W, 50W, 70W, and 100W New Generation Lamps
  • Philips CDM-TC 20W, 50W, and 70W New Generation Lamps
  • Philips CDM-Tm 20W and 35W New Generation Lamps
  • Philips CDM-TC 35W/830 G8.5 New Generation Lamp
  • RTP Company S-26144 ABS/PC High Reflectance Opaque White
  • RTP Company S-26183 Wide Angle Polycarbonate Diffuser
  • RTP Company S-28049 Narrow Angle Polycarbonate Diffuser
  • T-Opto 10W Panelux LED Module
  • Philips CDM-T 35W/930 G12 New Generation Lamp
  • Philips CDM320/V/O/PS/4k/ALTO MH Lamp
  • Reflek Specular & Semi-Specular Clear 3002 Aluminum Materials
  • Reflek Diffused, and Semi-Diffused Clear 3002 Aluminum Materials
  • Citizen CL-L330-C26N1 LED
  • Citizen CL-L330-MC26L1 LED
  • Citizen CL-L340-C41N1 LED
  • Philips Fortimo SLM-3000 LED Module
  • Luminit L1P1-10 and L10P1-10 Holographic Diffusers
  • Alta LED AL-R-1W-50 LED
  • Sylvania CMI-T 35W, CMI-TC 35W, CMI-T 70W, and CMI-TC 70W Lamps
  • Fortimo LLM 3000 and Fortimo LLM 4500 LED Modules
  • Lumileds Rebel ES LED
  • CREE Red XP-E, Green XP-E, and Blue XP-E LEDs
  • Guardian SSAR, DSAR, and Eco 3.1 Bare Glass
  • Luminit L5P1-10, L30P1-10, L60P1-10, L80P1-10 Holographic Diffusers
  • Citizen CL-L-L103-C6N-C LED
  • Citizen CL-L-L340-C41L1 LED
  • Rotuba R9 Micro Prism Diffuser
  • Luminus Devices CSM-360-W65S LED
  • Cyro Clear Acrylic w/ UV Film
  • Luminit L15P1-10 Holographic Diffuser
  • Plaskolite KSH-12, KSH-23, and KSH-HT Materials
  • Bridgelux BXRA-W0402, BXRA-W0802, BXRA-W3000 LEDs
  • Bulbrite JC20XE Quartz Halogen Lamp
  • Almeco 100, 101, 106, 230, and 236 Pre Anodized Aluminum
  • Almeco Vega 95100, 95110, 95210, 95220, 95230, and 95236 Materials
  • Almeco Vega 98110, 98210, and V98 Silver Sand materials
  • Seesmart 2' and 3' LED Tube Lights
  • Alanod 9041GP, 9043GP, and 9044GP Miro Materials
  • Alanod 9045GP and 9047GP Anisotropic Miro Materials
  • Generic Gray Paint, White ABS, and White Rubber Materials
  • Mold-Tech MT11006 Etched Transmissive Plastic
  • Piedmont Plastics Crackled Clear and Frost Diffusers
  • Almeco Vega SP 198 Specular Aluminum
  • Sharp Double Dome, 3.6W Mini Zenigata, and 6.7W Mini Zenigata LEDs
  • Onesource Coil Coaters White Coated Aluminum
  • Xicato 2200 lumen Linear LED Module
  • Philips Fortimo SLM 1100 and SLM 2000 LED Module
  • Tridonic P320-36X32 30W Warm White LED Module
  • Bridgelux BXRA-C2002 29W Cool White LED Array
  • Xicato XSM-80XX-400, XSM-80XX-700, XSM-90XX-700, XSM-80XX-1000 Spot Modules
  • Bridgelux BXRA-W1202 LED
  • Osram 49W T5 HO Linear Fluorescent
  • Nichia NS3W183 LED
  • Philips CDM-TP 210W and 315W Protected Lamps
  • Cree MPL-EZW LED
  • Osram HCI-TC 20W, 35W, and 70W Lamps
  • Philips CDM-TC 35W and 70W Lamps

2009 Library Additions

Date Version Description
  • Osram HCI-T 35W Powerball Shoplight
  • Luminus Devices SST-90-W65S LED
  • Alanod 9040AG Miro Silver Material
  • Alanod 8510GP Anisotropic Material
  • Quantum Opoelectronic 504BWC1M-01AI "Straw Hat" LED
  • Osram DLM700, DLM800, & DLM1100 LED Modules
  • Philips LLM1100 & LLM1800 Linear Fortimo modules
  • Seesmart 100W High Bay & 4' LED Tube Light
  • Enfis UNO LED Array
  • Virginia Opoelectronics VO-LTCC-CW3535 LED
  • Mitsubishi Plastics HISHIMETAL EX-RS Plastic Laminated Metal
  • Citizen CL-L-230-C10N LED
  • Citizen CL-L-233-MC13L1 LED
  • ACA 490JB Erotex Aluminum Reflector Material
  • ACA 421JE Enhanced Erotex Reflector Material
  • Instrument Glasses Dimple Patterned Borosilicate
  • DuPont DLR96 & DLR98 Diffuse White Reflector
  • Mold-Tech MT-11000 Etched Transmissive Plastic
  • Mitsubishi Plastics HISHIMETAL EX-DR Plastic Laminated Metal
  • Enfis INNOVATE LED Array
  • Nichia NSSL123B LED
  • Nichia NCSW119T LED
  • Mold-Tech MT-11010 & MT-11030 Etched Transmissive Plastic
  • Cree XLamp MCE4CT-A2, XR7090MC LED
  • Nichia NS6W183 LED
  • Galaxy Plastics 7328 White Material
  • Galaxy Plastics Honey Onyx Material
  • Galaxy Plastics Faux Alabaster Material
  • Sherwin Williams PWS8-C7479 Pure White Paint
  • Sherwin Williams PBM4-7004 Traditional Bronze Paint
  • Sherwin Williams UNS2-70015-C50 Arch Brown Paint
  • Action Media Technologies L-P106002 LED Strip
  • Alanod 5011, 5013, and 5017 Anisotropic Materials
  • Philips CDM-T35W/930 G12 Lamp
  • Philips C100S54/D, C100S54/2, and C400S51/2 HPS Lamps
  • Citizen CL-L251-CC6L2 LED
  • Philips 65W and 140W CosmoPolis Gold HPS Lamps
  • Cree 3535XPG LED
  • Osram HF2 Narrow Stick 740 4" and 10" LED Modules
  • White Optics WO-F23 and WO-M13 Diffuse White Materials
  • Seoul Semiconductor Z-Power LCW100Z1, W49180, and WZ10105 LEDs
  • Alanod 2000AG, 2000GP, 4200AG, 6885AG Anisotropic Materials
  • Alanod 9033AG Patterned Material
  • Alanod 4400AG, 5000AG and 5100AG Anistropic Materials
  • Philips MASTERColour CDM Double Ended 70W and 150W Lamps
  • Alanod 720GP Anisotropic Material
  • NexLume ARCA 120W, 150W and 200W Induction Lamps
  • NexLume Orbis 40W and 80W Induction Lamps
  • Mold-Tech MT-11500 Etched Transmissive Plastic
  • Generic Raw Brass and Bronze Materials
  • PPG AFK-200 Matte White Material
  • Alcoa 5257 Hammertone Material
  • Philips MasterColour CDM Elite 210W and 315W Lamps
  • Alanod Miro 7 Anisotropic Material
  • Philips Master MHN-SA 2000W Lamp
  • Osram HQI-TS 2000W Lamp

2008 Library Additions

Date Version Description
  • Alanod 5015AG and 5017AG Miro Silver Materials
  • Alanod 6850GP Miro Material
  • Cree XLamp 4550AMB, 4550BLU, 4550GRN, 4550RED LEDs
  • Osram Sylvania 9" 6W T5 Fluorescent Lamp
  • Mold-Tech K5024 G Vacuum Metalized Material
  • Alanod 722GP and 5011GP Anisotropic Materials
  • DuPont Diffuse Light Reflector DLR80 Material
  • LedEngin LZ4-00WW10 LED
  • Alanod 9042GP and 9046GP Peened Materials
  • Philips Fortimo DLM-1100 and Fortimo DLM-2000 LED Modules
  • Citizen CL-L230-C20N and CL-L230-C20WW LEDs
  • Foremost Ultrabite Hammertone 1.5 rad, 1.0 rad, 0.75 rad, 0.5 rad, 0.312 rad
  • Bright View Technologies Unibright FIlm, Light Management Film
  • GE Plastics Noryl 701 Smooth Black Plastic, Textured Black Plastic
  • Protech Gloss White Paint, Alter White Paint
  • Genesis Plastics White Valar
  • Citizen Citilight CL-822-U1BA, CL-822-U1GA, CL-822-U1RA LEDs
  • Seoul Acriche AN2200, AN3200 LEDs
  • Seoul Z-Power W724C0, W47180, W92050C LEDs
  • Cree XLamp MCE4WT-A2 LED
  • Adiva ADLSV3-3812 LED
  • Toyoda Gosei EIS62-YMID7-08 LED
  • W.L. Gore White Rolled DRP & White Sheet DRP Material
  • Citizen Citilight CL-L190-C5N-A & CL-822-U1N LEDs
  • Osram Golden Dragon Plus LCW W5AM and LUW W5AM LEDs
  • Russell 3002 Aluminum
  • Flat black powder coat paint
  • York Y12 and Y19 Materials
  • ACA 418RE/BF and 983RB-BF Materials
  • Acrylite Satin Ice Material
  • Cyro 2067P95 Material
  • PerkinElmer ACULED RGGB
  • Almeco 090
  • Pexco Clear Crepe
  • Foremost Ultrabrite Polish, 3002 Alzak, 3002 Dull LI, 3002 Etch/Anod, 3002 LI(updated), CLAD Alzak, CLAD Color Chek, CLAD Etch/Anod (updated from previous Med. Etch)
  • GE 750W HPS PhotoSynthesis Lamp
  • Alanod 22 GKG
  • Deaver 3002
  • Lumileds K2 TFFC white LED
  • GE Vio white LED's: 1W & 4W, 70/85CRI, 3000K/3500K/4100K
  • Almeco Brite and Superbrite

2007 Library Additions

Date Version Description
  • Nichia NS6L083A and NS6W083A LED's
  • Venture 400W MH - Horizontal
  • Remeasured Alanod 36BG and Miro 9036
  • Philips Mini Mastercolour 35W CDMTM35
  • Citizen CL-820-U1N-T
  • Radium 150W MH RNP-TS/LR
  • Furukawa MC-PET (unformed)
  • Acrilex Pixels
  • Almeco Vega V95100
  • GE F18BX Short Tubes
  • Mold-Tech MT9057
  • Lumileds Rebel LED (Blue & Green)
  • EYE MT 360W Metal Halide Lamp
  • Spraylat Star-Brite White B70400
  • Citizen CL-L230-C10N
  • GE LU1000 E25 Revised
  • Citizen CL-L220-C16L-HCRI and CL-L220-C16N
  • Seoul Z-Power P4-II LED
  • ACA 417ME, 453EG, 490OB, 493MR, 911AB, 912MB, 929MM, 962AB, and 976AD
  • Alanod 33 PGKK, 685 GKK, and Miro 9022GP
  • Jordan SS4
  • Modified Luxeon LED power and lumen values