Beginner Tutorial: Check FAA Requirements

In this tutorial you will evaluate a beam for compliance with FAA Position and Anti Collision strobe lighting requirements.

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Solidworks Aerospace Tutorial - Overview

1. Angle Set

You'll first want to be sure that your IES file is Type A with the proper angle conventions.

Solidworks Aerospace Tutorial - Angle Conventions

2. Open IES File

Open photopia|reports and browse to the IES file, or right click on the exported IES file and choose Open.

3. View FAA Report

Choose IES Report from the left menu and then choose any of the 4 FAA Compliance Reports from the thumbnails.

Solidworks Aerospace Tutorial - Templates

4. Intensity Plot

The first page of the report contains an intensity plot that shows the distribution.

Solidworks Aerospace Tutorial - 1st Page

5. Pass/Fail Table

The second page of the report contains a simplified intensity table which shows the % of target candela along with a pass/fail indication both for minimum and maximum candela locations.

Solidworks Aerospace Tutorial - 2nd Page

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