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Photopia - Optical Design Software
Photopia for SOLIDWORKS
optical design consulting
lamp and material modeling

LTI Optics has provided optical design software and optical design consulting services for over 30 years. Our software, Photopia, is respected for the accurate and extensive lamp and material library and being very easy to use, helping anyone design class leading optics quickly and accurately.



2018-04-25 Photopia 2018 has been released, which contains a new raytrace helper, 64bit batch raytrace, as well as support for LDT files and UGR tables in photopia|reports.


November 2017 - April 2018

  • Lumileds L2C5-SPP11208E1500 SunPlus COB LED
  • Lite-On LTPL-C034UVH430 UV COB LED
  • Cree XPEFAR-L1 Far Red XP-E LED
  • Samsung LT-V562B Linear LED Array
  • Cree XD-16 CSP LED
  • Plasiglas 2067 P95 Z-01 MF1 Diffuser Material
  • Generic Green PCB Material
  • Generic Silver PCB Material
  • LED Engin LZ4-00R108-0000 Red LED
  • Dupont Rutile TiO2 in acrylic
  • Dupont Rutile TiO2 in polycarbonate
  • Dupont Rutile TiO2 in MS-1002 silicone
  • 3000K 80 CRI phosphor particle in acrylic
  • Lumileds L128-3080EB3500001 Mid Power LED
  • Optic Arts FLEXSTP-73 Flexible LED Strip
  • Philips Fortimo 6" Linear LED Module
  • Philips Fortimo 12" Linear LED Module
  • Philips Fortimo 24" Linear LED Module
  • BrightView A-AB20-PE07 Angle Bending
  • BrightView C-HH90-PE02-S-D Circular High Hiding Diffuser
  • BrightView C-HH90-PE07 Circular High Hiding Diffuser
  • BrightView E-0110-PE07 Elliptical Asymmetric Diffuser
  • BrightView E-0115-PE07 Elliptical Asymmetric Diffuser

September-November 2017

  • ALP Lumieo 0.028" White Acrylic Diffusing Sheet
  • LASER 1mm diameter, 458nm
  • Arkema 0.08" DR-66151 25%, 50%, and 100% Diffuse
  • Arkema 0.08" V045-68207 100% Diffuse
  • Arkema 0.08" V045-68209 60% and 100% Diffuse
  • Arkema 0.08" V045-68177/DR-66080 25% Diffuse
  • Arkema 0.08" V045-68177/DR-66080 50% Diffuse
  • Arkema 0.08" V045-68177/DR-66080 100% Diffuse
  • Rexim Low Pressure Mercury 254nm UV-C Biax Lamp
  • Mold-Tech MT-11510 Diffuser Material
  • 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 50mm, 75mm Diameter LED Lens
  • LEDLENS15x287mm Diameter Generic LED and Lens
  • LEDLENS19x95mm Diameter Generic LED and Lens
  • LEDLENS95x19mm Diameter Generic LED and Lens
  • LEDLENS287x15mm Diameter Generic LED and Lens
  • Samsung LM301B CSP LED
  • ROHM MSL0104RGB Mid Power RGB LED
  • Mold-Tech MT-11001 on MS-1002 Silicone
  • Mold-Tech MT-11002 on MS-1002 Silicone
  • Mold-Tech MT-11006 on MS-1002 Silicone
  • Mold-Tech MT-11010 on MS-1002 Silicone
  • Mold-Tech MT-11030 on MS-1002 Silicone
  • Mold-Tech MT-11500 on MS-1002 Silicone
  • Samsung LH231B CSP LED
  • Samsung LM101B CSP LEDs
  • 3000K 80CRI phosphor particle in acrylic

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Orbit Lantern from Black Diamond, optics designed by LTI Optics. Image courtesy of Black Diamond.

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LTI Optics provides Photopia, the industries leading optical design software and optical analysis software for designing and analyzing illumination optical systems. Photopia optical design software works alone or is an add-in to SOLIDWORKS, allowing full opto-mechanical integration.