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Photopia - Optical Design Software
Photopia for SOLIDWORKS
optical design consulting
lamp and material modeling

LTI Optics has provided optical design software and optical design consulting services for over 30 years. Our software, Photopia, is respected for the accurate and extensive lamp and material library and being very easy to use, helping anyone design class leading optics quickly and accurately.



2016-10-12 Photopia 2017 and Photopia for Solidworks 2017 have many new features.

2016-6-29 Photopia 2015.2 and Photopia for Solidworks 2016.1 have several bug fixes.

2016-5-10 Photopia 2015.2 and Photopia for Solidworks 2016.1 contains the PODT within SOLIDWORKS, support for anisotropic transmissive materials, and bug fixes.

2015-11-4 Photopia 2015.1 and Photopia for Solidworks 2016.0 contains a significant speed improvement for Solidworks, as well as many bug fixes for both versions.

2015-8-26 Photopia 2015 introduces full support for spectral materials, including color filters, phosphors and dispersion, as well as energy unit options suited for UV, IR and horticulture lighting.

2015-4-14 Photopia for SOLIDWORKS run raytraces directly in SOLIDWORKS, saving time and getting your job done faster. Improved speed and stability in the third release.

2015-4-14 Photopia 2014 with a multithreaded raytrace engine, color support and lamp array optimization.


July-October 2016

  • ALP MicroMid MMDFC080 Frost Prismatic Sheet
  • ALP Flex G 2.0 0.01 Impact Modified Acrylic Overlay
  • ALP MicroMid MMDFC080 Clear Prismatic Sheet
  • Bright View A-AB08-PE07-S-M angle bending diffuser
  • Bright View B-LM5E-HE20-PE07-B  linear batwing diffuser
  • Bright View B-LM5E-HE30-PE07-B  linear batwing diffuser
  • Bright View E-3060-PE07-S-D01 elliptical asymmetric diffuser
  • Bright View E-6010-PE07-S-D01 elliptical asymmetric diffuser
  • Bright View E-0160-PE07-S-M elliptical asymmetric diffuser
  • Illumisoft HD154 High Diffusion Film 
  • Illumisoft MDA12 Diffusion Film with Glare Control
  • Jungbecker CDP Conical De-Glaring Prism
  • Jungbecker LP90 linear prism 90°
  • Jungbecker DDP Delta De-Glaring Prism
  • Jungbecker CDP Conical 15° De-Glaring Prism
  • Jungbecker ADP Asymmetrical De-Glaring Prism
  • Osram PL-CUBE-DC-1100-835-G3 LED Module
  • Osram PL-CUBE-DC-2000-835-G3 LED Module
  • Osram PL-CUBE-DC-3000-835-G3 LED Module
  • Osram PLPG3-Lin-1100-835-280x19 LED Array
  • Osram PLPG3-Lin-2200-835-560x18 LED Array
  • Osram PLPG3-Bar-1100-835-289x38 PrevaLED
  • Osram PLPG3-Bar-1100-835-289x18 PrevaLED
  • Osram PL TB450B Laser Diode
  • Samsung LH309A LED
  • Universal M10CC850D100NSQ LED
  • Universal M450C840D24N21L LED
  • Universal M900C840D48N21L LED

May-June 2016

  • Espen L24T8-840-8G-EB LED T8
  • Espen L24T8-840-8G-EB-AC LED T8
  • Espen L48T8-840-15G-EB LED T8
  • Espen L48T8-840-15G-EB-AC LED T8
  • Sylvania ToLEDo A60LED
  • Havells 25W Vintage Carbon Filament
  • Nichia NV4W144ART LED
  • Generic 3.5x3.5mm UV LED
  • Fused Silica spectral refractive properties

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We will be exhibiting at SPIE Photonics West January 31st to February 2nd. Stop by to see what's new!


LUXeXceL supports CU optical design class with 3D printed optical prototypes.

Orbit Lantern from Black Diamond, optics designed by LTI Optics. Image courtesy of Black Diamond.

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LTI Optics provides Photopia, the industries leading optical design software and optical analysis software for designing and analyzing illumination optical systems. Photopia optical design software works alone or is an add-in to SOLIDWORKS, allowing full opto-mechanical integration.