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photopia for SOLIDWORKS®

solar and daylighting optical design software

Photopia is the perfect optical design software for your solar and daylighting optical design projects. Photopia is used for designing complex daylighting systems, including light shelves, skylights, tubular daylight devices, solar tracking skylights and a range of other devices. Photopia has also been used in solar applications, including PV concentrators and Stirling engine concentrators.

Photopia's library contains a wide range of materials commonly used in daylight devices as well as source models for the standard CIE sky conditions, making it easy to determine your device's performance for any time of the year for any location.

Photopia includes a built-in CAD system or is available as an add-in for SOLIDWORKS®. Our standalone CAD system interfaces with packages such as SOLIDWORKS®, AutoCAD®, Pro/Engineer CREO®, SolidEdge®, and Inventor®.

Book a live online demo of Photopia with one of our expert optical engineers:

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CAD Interface

Full CAD system

Import STL, DXF, DWG

Export 3DM, DXF, DWG

Design with PODT

Parametric arrays


Design Tools

Aim by angle or point

Profile or 3D

Extruded or revolved

Complex Lofted

Easy adjust interface


Over 1000 lamps

Over 900 materials

Full measured data

Spectral data


Custom Angle sets


Candela polar and xy

Illuminance planes


Variable # of rays

Variable # of reactions


Color aware

Lamp array optimized


Full PDF User's Guide

4 Beginner Tutorials

9 Advanced Tutorials

Phone and email support

Support website


    ✔ Solar simulator using reflector optics.

    ✔ PV concentrator reflector and lenses.

    ✔ Stirling engine concentrator reflector.


    ✔ Lightshelf performance study.

    ✔ Simulation of annual performance data.

    ✔ Tubular daylight devices.

    ✔ Traditional skylight devices.

Solar Energy

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  • Daylighting

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  • Photopia

    AutoCAD style CAD system
    SOLIDWORKS add-in

    Lamp Library with over 1000 lamps

    Material library with nearly 1000 materials

    Customizable Photometric Reports

    Single Workstation License

    Shared LAN Network License

    Photopia Premium

    All features of Photopia


    Refractive materials

    SVG/Vector and high resolution plot exports

    More details about all of the features of Photopia are on our general Photopia page.


    The first step to evaluating if Photopia is a good fit for your company is to schedule an online demonstration where one of our expert optical engineers will discuss your projects and give you a walkthrough of the software. After the online demo, we're happy to provide a 1 week trial license so that you can use the software on your own projects or show it to others in your office.

    Trial Version

    After the online demo, we're happy to provide a 2 week trial license so that you can use the software on your own projects or show it to others in your office.


    We sell direct and through a network of international representative.

    In order to provide a quote please contact us and we'll either provide one or put you in contact with the correct representative.

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