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Photopia 2015 Release

Spectral materials.

Expanded energy units.

Photopia 2015 and Photopia for SOLIDWORKS® 2015.1 expand the color raytracer features that were introduced in Photopia 2014. Material properties have been expanded so they can support full spectral data, including color reflectance and transmittance, color conversion, and refraction and absorption as a function of wavelength. This means you can now trace color filters, remote phosphor, quantum dots, and colored paint in Photopia.

Photopia 2015 also allows you to run analysis not only in lumens, but also in radiant watts, μmol photons/sec and μmol photons/sec at 400-700nm (PAR). This allows you to use Photopia for non-lighting applications such as UV curing and sterilization, IR heating, and indoor agriculture and grow lighting.

Photopia for SOLIDWORKS Lamp Add dialog

color filters

example of color filters being illuminated with a white laser

Color Filters

Materials with spectral reflectance and transmittance can be modeled in Photopia 2015. This enables you to raytrace color filters and colored reflective materials.

color gels

painted reflectors

dichroic glass

cold and hot mirrors

color conversion

example of a remote phosphor material

Color Conversion

Materials that absorb light at one wavelength and emit at another wavelength can be modeled in Photopia 2015.

remote phosphors

quantum dots

any custom material

Diamond Dispersion

example of a diamond illuminated with a white laser


Photopia 2015 will trace refraction with varying index and extinction per wavelength, modeling the behavior of dispersion, which can lead to color separation in your optic.

beam color separation

variable extinction

photopia spectrum

Energy Units

Photopia 2015 allows you to run simulations with lumens, radiant watts, μmol photons/sec or μmol photons/sec from 400-700nm (PAR), getting you directly the output statistics you need in your units of choice.

lumens for lighting

Radiant Watts for UV and IR and wideband

μmol photons and PAR for horticulture

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