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Photopia 2017 Release

Anisotropic materials.

New Plots.

Additional Languages.

Photopia 2017 and Photopia for SOLIDWORKS® 2017 expand support for anisotropic materials to transmissive materials, allowing simulations with complex diffusers.

Photopia for SOLIDWORKS 2017 can be used in German, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French and Brazilian Portuguese. This allows our customers to work in the language they are most comfortable using.

Photopia 2017 also contains the first release of our new Photometric Reports software, which are fully configurable candela polar plots.

Jungbecker CDP15 Head On

Jungbecker cdp 15

example of anisotropic transmissive material

Anisotropic Transmissive Materials

Transmissive materials with anisotropic behavior can now be measured and used in simulations thanks to our new high resolution BSDF measurement device.

Bright View Batwing diffusers

Bright View Elliptical diffusers

Jungbecker CDP, CDP 15

Jungbecker LDP, DDP

candela plots

example of new candela plots

New Plots

Photopia 2017 contains new highly configurable polar plots.

Full style control

Full control of data plotted

Vector based, export for marketing

Export at high resolution for web

Photopia for SOLIDWORKS Toolbar

Solidworks Interface in Chinese


Photopia for SOLIDWORKS 2017 supports your local language inside of SOLIDWORKS. We currently have translations for:


Simplified and Traditional Chinese



Brazilian Portuguese

IESNA Progress Report

Progress Report

Photopia for SOLIDWORKS 2017 was selected for inclusion in the IESNA Progress Report for the new Parametric Optical Design Tools which allow the optical design directly inside of SOLIDWORKS.

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New Customer

For pricing information and a customized quote, please contact LTI Optics using the button at the left, or contact your local Photopia Representative. directly.

Existing Customers

Photopia 2017 is a free upgrade for customers with an Annual Design and Upgrade Package. A newsletter was mailed in early October to all eligible customers.

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