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Photopia 2018 Release

64bit raytrace.

Raytrace Helper.


dynamic stats

Raytrace Helper window

Raytrace Helper

In Photopia (and coming soon to SOLIDWORKS), the new Raytrace Helper window identifies common setup mistakes and suggests solutions.

Uplight and Downlight

Horizontal symmetry

Number of reactions

Geometry issues

UGR table

UGR table in photopia | reports

LDT Support and UGR tables

photopia | reports can now open LDT files and also generate UGR tables.

64bit Batch Raytrace

Photopia can now make use of a new 64-bit batch raytracer when memory becomes an issue. This will help run your largest simulations.

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New Customer

For pricing information and a customized quote, please contact LTI Optics using the button at the left, or contact your local Photopia Representative. directly.

Existing Customers

Photopia 2018 is a free upgrade for customers with an Annual Design and Upgrade Package. A newsletter was mailed in early October to all eligible customers.

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