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Photopia 2020.1 Release

New Online Licensing

UVC for Disinfection

My Photopia webpage

My Photopia | Online Licensing

With our new online licensing, there are no more Site Codes and Authorization Keys, waiting for emails, or only being able to use one computer. My Photopia is your new online licensing system. With your email address and password you can download the latest release and install on any computer and be up and running in a matter of minutes, anytime of the day or night.

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Fluence Spheres

UVC Disinfection | New Lamps, Materials and Fluence Tutorial

UVC disinfection is a popular topic and so we've made many library additions to Photopia 2020.1 for use in that area, including 20 UVC light sources and 7 UV specific materials. We've also created a tutorial that shows you how to compute Fluence in a Photopia project. Fluence is used to quantify the energy incident on particles in a volume and a common metric for UV disinfection.

Complete Lamp Library List

Complete Material Library List

Fluence Tutorial

Color Rendering

More Color Materials

We've added 113 reflective materials that have full spectral data. This complements the wide range of color filter transmissive materials we also have in the Library. These materials are the 99 samples from the IES TM-30 CES and the 14 samples from the CIE 13.2 1974 CRI sample set. When combined with a full spectral lamp model, you can predict the color shift of light reflective off these materials.

All Changes from 2020 to 2020.1

All: New My Photopia online licensing

All: Spectral remapping to allow viewing non-vis data

All: Cleaned up % and decimals for SS/HS

All: Cleaned up absolute IES for LCS/SS/HS

All: Improved reliability of install

All: Improved absolute UGR values

All: Improved default Type A angle sets

SOLIDWORKS: Added interaction by Object

SOLIDWORKS: New Reports for FAA/DLC/E*

SOLIDWORKS: Using rayset will use all rays specified

SOLIDWORKS: Appearances in double nested subs

SOLIDWORKS: Units of luminance set to cd/m2

SOLIDWORKS: Test distance shown in proper units

SOLIDWORKS: Improved PODT with rot. coordinates

Reports: Fixed Type B beam angle bug

Reports: Fixed row/column order for Type B report

Reports: Improved UGR handling for absolute IES

Reports: Improved legend visibility on polar plots

Reports: Fixed LCS plot with absolute IES

Reports: Fixed display of peak in roadway table

Reports: Fixed but with nested folders of custom styles

Reports: Improved smoothness of Roadway CU plot

Reports: Improvements to Type B ISO plots

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New Customer

For pricing information and a customized quote, please contact LTI Optics using the button at the left, or contact your local Photopia Representative. directly.

Existing Customers

Photopia 2020.1 is a free upgrade for customers with an Annual Design and Upgrade Package. A newsletter was e-mailed in late August to all eligible customers.

For customers with an expired maintenance contract, Photopia 2020.1 is available by renewing your annual maintenance contract. For pricing information and a customized quote, please contact LTI Optics using the button at the left, or contact your local Photopia Representative. directly.

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