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aviation and aerospace optical design software

including SOLIDWORKS® add-in

Aerospace Overview

Aviation and Aerospace Optical Design Software

Photopia optical design software is well suited to designing, analyzing and optimizing aviation and aerospace optical designs, including exterior aircraft lights, interior cabin lights, and other navigation lighting.

Photopia's direct integration into SOLIDWORKS, native support for Type A photometry, and custom reporting with FAA checks makes Photopia your best optical design software for aviation and aerospace lighting systems.

The source and material library is filled with over 2000 items, so you'll find a complete full-color model of the LED you're using along with material properties measured with care in our in-house lab. No more guessing or needing to create your own source and material models, we've done the hard work for you.

FAA Pass/Fail Navigation Lighting Report

FAA Pass/Fail Navigation Lighting Report

FAA Compliance Reports

As you design your navigation, position and anti-collision strobe lights, you can view reports that show pass/fail indications for specific FAA requirements.

Photopia will export a Type A IES file in the proper orientation for your design so you can share your results with colleagues or marketing. You can save the compliance reports as PDFs.

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FAA TSO-C30c / SAE AS8037

FAA TSO-C96a / SAE AS8017

Iso-Candela Charts

Type A IES Files

Renderings of Light Distribution

rendering of tail light in Photopia for SOLIDWORKS optical design software

Exterior Aircraft Lighting

Wether you are designing a leading edge wing light, vertical tail surface light, ground taxi lighting, or any other type of exterior lighting, Photopia is perfectly suited for your optical design needs.

3D Surface recorders let you visualize the light falling onto any surface inside of SOLIDWORKS, including wings, tails, fuselage or the ground.

Leading Edge Wing Lights

Tail Surface Lighting

Ground Navigation Lighting

rendering of leading edge wing light in Photopia for SOLIDWORKS optical design software

picture of interior cabin lighting, including blue ceiling lights, purple wall lights and passenger service module reading lights

Interior Aircraft Lighting

Photopia was originally developed for the architectural lighting industry, so Photopia is the perfect optical design software for your interior aircraft lighting.

Parametric Optical Design Tools inside of Photopia and Photopia for SOLIDWORKS help you create and optimize optical geometry, with features for creating extruded reflectors and lenses, commonly used for cabin lighting and revolved lenses and reflectors, which are commonly used for passenger reading lights.

Photopia also contains features to design light guides and light pipes which are used to create backlight signs and cockpit displays.

Use 3D Surface Recorders to see what the interior of the aircraft will look like, including brightness and color uniformity across the ceiling and side walls of the cabin. Photopia's full color lamp models will predict effects like blue/yellow color separation from white LEDs and RGBW color blending.

Cabin Lighting

Passenger Reading Lights

Illuminated Placard Light Guides

Cockpit Display Lighting

More details about all of the features of Photopia are on our general Photopia page.


The first step to evaluating if Photopia is a good fit for your company is to schedule an online demonstration where one of our expert optical engineers will discuss your projects and give you a walkthrough of the software. After the online demo, we're happy to provide a 1 week trial license so that you can use the software on your own projects or show it to others in your office.

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Trial Version

After the online demo, we're happy to provide a 2 week trial license so that you can use the software on your own projects or show it to others in your office.


We sell direct and through a network of international representative.

In order to provide a quote please contact us and we'll either provide one or put you in contact with the correct representative.

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