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photopia for SOLIDWORKS®

tunable white optical design software

Photopia is the perfect optical design software for your tunable white, circadian lighting or RGBW mixing optical design projects. Photopia has a range of white and RGB LEDs that are used for architectural lighting, and has output oriented towards architectural lighting applications.

Photopia also provides a set of Parametric Optical Design Tools to help you create and optimize optical surfaces that mix and blend light from multiple LEDs to create smooth color uniform beams. Once your design is complete, you can view true color renderings on any surface as well as generate typical output like IES and LDT files.

Photopia includes a built-in CAD system or is available as an add-in for SOLIDWORKS®. Our standalone CAD system interfaces with packages such as CATIA®, SOLIDWORKS®, AutoCAD®, Pro/Engineer CREO®, SolidEdge®, and Inventor®.

Book a live online demo of Photopia with one of our expert optical engineers:

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Optical Design Tools

Photopia's direct integration into SOLIDWORKS and Paramewtric Optical Design Tools allow you to quickly create and optimize optical shapes, like the TIR collimator shown to the left. This collimator has an array of warm and cool white CSP LEDs that can be mixed to create a wide range of CCTs.

unmixed beam showing color differencesmixed beam showing color uniformity

True Color Qualitative Output

Photopia accurately shows the true color output on any flat illuminance plane or 3D surface so you can evaluate the performance of the optic, including the mixing of various colors of LEDs which is very critical for tunable white applications.

The image on the left shows the beam pattern without any color mixing features added to the optic, and there is clearly color banding in the pattern. The image on the right shows the pattern with facets and surface texture on specific regions of the optic. This shows that these features adequately blend the color for this optic.

quantitative color report inside of Photopia for SOLIDWORKS

Quantitative Metrics

In addition to visual color quality renderings, Photopia contains complete color data on any illuminance surface and for the entire distribution. This allows you to verify the final mixed CCT, determine compliance with Delta u'v' metrics, and quantify color in specific parts of the beam.

Total luminous and radiant flux

Total CCT, u'v', uv, and xy

Delta u'v' over beam, field and distribution

Color coordinates and uniformity for each illuminace plane

IESX file with color for each angle in distribution

More details about all of the features of Photopia are on our general Photopia page.


The first step to evaluating if Photopia is a good fit for your company is to schedule an online demonstration where one of our expert optical engineers will discuss your projects and give you a walkthrough of the software. After the online demo, we're happy to provide a 1 week trial license so that you can use the software on your own projects or show it to others in your office.

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Trial Version

After the online demo, we're happy to provide a 2 week trial license so that you can use the software on your own projects or show it to others in your office.


We sell direct and through a network of international representative.

In order to provide a quote please contact us and we'll either provide one or put you in contact with the correct representative.


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LTI Optics provides Photopia, the industries leading optical design software and optical analysis software for designing and analyzing illumination optical systems. Photopia optical design software works alone or is an add-in to SOLIDWORKS, allowing full opto-mechanical integration.

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