You may email support inquiries to us at the follow address: support email

Should you need to call us, our support hours are 8 AM - 5 PM MST. Our technical support staff can be reached at 720-891-0030.

Please fill out this form to get more information.

For photopia, our technical support is intended to answer any questions you may have about the use of the software.

Technical support is only avaliable if you have an active Annual Maintenance contract.

If your Annual Maintenance contract is expired, you can use these online resources. If you need assistance beyond these, you may renew your Annual Maintenance contract.

It is beyond the scope of standard technical support to assist you in creating optics or teaching you SOLIDWORKS or Rhino.

We offer training if you need a quick start, more detailed help, or assistance with a specific project.

Windows 8.1 or 10

Windows 7 requires special steps outlined here.

Network Connection:

Photopia will require a periodic internet connection to obtain and update your license.

All connections are done using an encrypted https connection.

When must you login with your email and password?

  • New Installation
  • Have not opened Photopia/Solidworks/Reports in the past 30+ days
  • Account was locked or password was reset

When must you be online?

  • If you haven't opened the software in the last 3 days (default time)
  • If your account has restricted offline privileges (not typical)

When can you use Photopia offline?

  • If you have had the software open in the last 3 days
  • If you currently have the software open

LTI Optics will send users an email with a link to setup their online account. All contacts listed for a customer in our database will receive the email invitation to setup their own account.

my photopia - email invite

LTI Optics will send users an email with a link to setup their online account. All contacts listed for a customer in our database will receive the email invitation to setup their own account.

my photopia - update info

After completing your profile, you will be directed to your company page. This page includes a range of information, including:

  • Software Downloads : Download the latest version you have access to, as well as see the latest update we've released.
  • Computer : See which computers have accessed your companies Photopia license.
  • Checkouts : See any active license checkouts for your company.
  • Licenses : See which licenses you own and the quantity and validity dates.
  • People at My Company : See all users at your company.
my photopia webpage

Photopia : In the menu choose License > Login/View

Photopia for Rhino : In the Photopia menu in Rhino choose Licensing and login.

Photopia for SOLIDWORKS: In the menu go to Tools > Photopia > Licensing and login.

Photopia Reports: Click the "..." menu in the upper right and choose Licensing and login.

my photopia login

In you account, go to the People at My Company tab.

Here you can block users by unchecking the "Allowed Access by Company" check box.

You can also give or revoke Administrator Rights.

my photopia user settings

Administrators can invite users to their Companies account. In you account, go to the People at My Company tab.

Then click Invite Person

my photopia user settings

Complete basic information about the user, including allowing them Administrator rights if you wish.

Then click Add User which will send an email to the user so they can complete their account setup and download and install the software.

my photopia user settings

Administrator users have the ability to do the following:

  • Add new users
  • Lock out users
  • Change Administrator Right for other users
  • Renew maintenance (coming soon)
  • Add license seats (coming soon)

If your application has an error when logging in (red x's, etc), the first item to check is that you can open the my|photopia webpage and login. You can also confirm on this page that you have a license avaliable for the program you're trying to open.

If you can login to the webage and do have a license, then it is likely the communication from Photopia to our servers is being blocked in some way. The information below should help you identify what may be blocking this communication.

Network Connection:

Any time a Photopia application is launched or closed it will attempt to make a connection to our license servers.

Communication type:

  • HTTP POST request
  • XML content
  • content-type = "application/xml"
  • user-agent = "LTIConnect/1.0" (1.0 may change, so if filtering based on user agent, simply use the LTIConnect portion)

Applications which communicate for licensing:

  • C:\Program Files\LTI Optics\ODShell.exe (and any ODShell.?????.exe)

Potential destination locations:

  • (port 443)
  • (port 443)
  • (port 443)
  • (port 443)
  • (port 443)
  • (port 443)


Photopia can use the netsh WinHTTP proxy system and has been tested and works with a Static Proxy.

If you have a client machine or network level proxy system, you may need to have IT configure it so that our licensing traffic is routed to our licensing server.

Photopia does not include specific proxy controls. If a proxy server is in place, traffic destined to * should be transparent or bypass the proxy.

You can verify if you are using the netsh winhttp proxy system by running this command: netsh winhttp show proxy

If this command shows no proxy information and you have a proxy, then it is not the netsh winhttp proxy and so you may need to manually add an SSL/HTTPS bypass or transparent redirect to the desintations listed above. Other proxies may change the SSL version or modify the SSL certificate which will cause our licensing system to fail.

This is the typical error message you'll see with a proxy issue: The connection with the server has been reset or terminated, or an incompatible SSL protocol was encountered. For example, WinHTTP version 5.1 does not support SSL2 unless the client specifically enables it"


You may need to allow the Photopia application thru the firewall if your firewall is blocking applications by default. You will need to allow Outbound traffic from all ODShell.?????.exe's in this folder C:\Program Files\LTI Optics\

Since Photopia communicates over port 443 (standard for https), it is unlikley that an exception/rule will need to be created for that port, but it may.


All Photopia applications are code-signed, however we have still seen some cases where an antivirus package blocks the network connection. If you have an antivirus application, we recommend disabling and attempting to open Photopia. If this works, you may need to allow an exemption for our program in your antivirus software.

Read/Write folder access:

Licensing information is stored in the following folder, which the user must have read/write access to.

%LocalAppData%\LTI Optics\

If you are using Windows 7 and your application has an error when logging in (red x's, etc) you will likely need to perform the following steps to upgrade the TLS (security) support in Windows 7.

These steps have become necessary because the default TLS in Windows 7 is TLS 1.0, which has now officially been deprecated by most hosting services due to security vulnerabilities.

Follow the steps in this article.

Using the updates you can download here.

Which will include making this registry modification.

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