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Use Photopia to design and analyize non-imaging and illumination optical systems directly in SOLIDWORKS and Rhinoceros

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Seamless CAD Integration

Photopia is fully integrated into Solidworks and Rhino, allowing you to analyze and create native geometry.

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Source and Material Library

LTI Optics has taken great care to fully measure and model a library of over 1309 common light sources and 1440 common materials.

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Parametric Optical Design Tools

Photopia will generate optical geometry based on where you want to aim light, making the process of creating an optic from scratch quick and easy.

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Better Designs, Faster

Over the same development time period, with Photopia you can test and iterate over many more design options, allowing you to get to the most optimal design more quickly.

optical design expert for LED camping lantern for black diamond
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Optical consulting services.

Expert consulting from the creators of Photopia, the leading optical design software.


Software Updates

June 14 2022

photopia 2022.1 Released

3D Lofted PODT surfaces for Rhino along with scripting and optimization support.

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January 10 2022

photopia 2022 Released

3D surface recording in Solidworks, PODT surfaces for Rhino along with a range of new tutorials and library additions.

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Software Support

June 14 2022

Rhino Genetic Optimization

Optimize around multiple parameters using Galapagos

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June 14 2022

Rhino Optimize Beam Angle

Automatically optimize beam angle for a reflector

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June 14 2022

Rhino Type 5 Round Lens

Create a Type 5 Round lens, for parking lots.

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June 14 2022

Rhino Type 5 Square Lens

Create a Type 5 Square lens using Rhino PODT lofting.

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June 14 2022

Rhino Type 3 Roadway Lens

Use PODT Lofting to create a smooth Type 3 Roadway lens from multiple profiles.

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June 14 2022

Rhino Lofted Roadway Lens

Use the new PODT loft to create a roadway lens

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Library Updates

June 14 2022

June 2022 Update

Our June 2022 Library Update includes a wide range of Volumetric Diffusing materials from OptiColor, and other plastics from Evans and Plaskolite.

There was also new LEDs from Archangel, Bridgelux, Broadcom, Cree, Kingbright, Nichia, Philips, Samsung, and SunLED.

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Jan 20 2022

January 2022 Update

Our January 2022 Library Update includes a wide range of plastics from Porex, Plaskolite and DOW.

There was also a range of LEDs and light sources from Clever, CREE, DOWA, Everlight, Lumileds, Nichia, Philps, Sylvania, QT Brightek, XenonFlashTubes, and ZMO.

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May 23-25, 2023

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New York, NY

May 23-25, 2023

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June 5-8, 2023

Optical Design and Fabrication Congress

Quebec City, Quebec, CA

June 5-8, 2023

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