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Our lighting and optical experts can teach a wide range of topics.

Lighting Fundamentals

How Photopia Works

CAD Import

Analysis Basics

Optical Design

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A formal training will allow you to get up to speed quickly and get the most out of Photopia.

Training is always just for your company, which allows us to customize the content and work on your projects.

It's basically 2 days of consulting, but you'll learn Photopia by the end of it.

Training costs depend on location (your office, ours or web), number of students, and length of training (typically 2 days).

Even if you already know how to use Photopia, we can provide training on how to design certain types of optics. Instead of hiring a consultant to just do the design, we'll guide you thru your project, teaching you steps and techniques you can apply to any future project.

We can put together a customized lighting and photometry fundamentals course, which can be valuabe for new employess or employess with no formal lighting background.

We have visited many photometric labs and are very familiary with the various test procedures. We can provide guidance in setting up a photometric lab, train your staff on proper procedures, and assit with data managment.