Photopia 2024.1 Release

UGR SHR 0.25

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Photopia now also computes UGR at Spacing to Mounting Height Ratio 0.25. This ratio is commonly used in Europe. As part of this work, we also performed an extensive comparison of UGR results from various software packages to show how the computations of these numbers is often inconsistent due to the UGR standard not fully defining all calculation input parameters.

UGR Comparisons

All Changes from 2024 to 2024.1

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Added UGR at SHR 0.25

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Fixed installation issues that occurred in some cases

Corrected aiming line issues for some PODT TIR collimators

Corrected fillet issues on some stepped TIR collimators

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Library Additions - December 2023 thru April 2024

Lamps & Light Sources

  • Lumileds LUXEON 7070 High Power LED
  • Lumileds LUXEON HL2Z CSP 4000K LED
  • Lumileds LUXEON HL2Z CSP 5700K LED
  • Lumileds LUXEON HL2Z CSP 6500K LED
  • Extraterrestrial Sun, 3' Square, 5900K


  • Luximprint LUX Standard 3D printed optical material
  • Luximprint LUX Crystalline 3D printed optical material