Grasshopper in Rhino

Parametric Lightguide design with Grasshopper Lightguide optimization in Rhino

With Rhino, you also have access to Grasshopper, a Visual Programming Language, which allows you to create and modify geometry with a program you create.

There are lots of example Grasshopper programs out there, so its easy to get started and modify to your application.

We've included a few example Grasshopper programs we've created below.

Facet controls in Rhino Faceted optical system in Grasshopper
Light Guide in Rhino

Light Guide Extraction Features

A light guide extraction feature design tool allows any extraction feature geometry to be arrayed across a NURBS surface. The density of the features is user defined as is the non-linear rate at which the feature size changes as a function of distance from the edge in which the light enters. This type of design tool is needed for designing extraction features for uniform light extraction from light pipe surfaces.

Sphere Radius / Element Geometry

Number of Elements

Distribution / Fall Off

Pattern Direction

Facet design in Photopia for Rhino

Curved Facets

Design tool produces curved facets for any revolved reflector or lens surface. User defined inputs for the # of facets around the circumference, horizontal and vertical curvature and the draft angle, which limits vertical curvature to avoid part undercuts. This type of design tool is very useful for producing optics that require specific amounts of color mixing, whether RGB, tunable white, warm dim, or just a standard COB LED.

# of Facets

Curve/Bulge Size