Photopia 2024 Release

PODT TIR Collimators - Added Stepped

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A new PODT collimator tool allows you to quickly create 4 styles of TIR collimator by just answering a few simple questions like diameter, depth and aiming. Then you can easily iterate on the collimator without having to join/trim any profiles or go into separate reflector and lens profile editing. What used to take 10 minutes to get setup now take 15 seconds, and iterations are just as fast.

TIR Collimator Tutorial

All Changes from 2023.1 to 2024

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photopia | for SOLIDWORKS

Added compatability for Solidworks 2024

Improved lamp error handling

Fixed issue with recorder display for certain regional settings

Fixed issue with very large meshes (>600MB) being send to the raytracer

photopia | for Rhino

Added compatability for Rhino 8

Added Segmented / Smooth option to PODT profiles

Added faceting to Inner and Double Shaft Collimators

Added ability to swap IES file for a lamp

New Weight Factor 2.0 Equation for PODT, for better aiming

Fixed some issues importing .ray files

Fixed lamp panel display issue for multiple lamps

Fixed issue with very large meshes (>600MB) being send to the raytracer

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Library Additions - October 2023 thru December 2023

Lamps & Light Sources

  • Luminus SFT-12R-W65S White High Power LED
  • Osram GD-CSSRM3.14 Deep Blue High Power LED
  • Cree Red XE-G High Power LEDs
  • Cree Green XE-G High Power LEDs
  • Cree Blue XE-G High Power LEDs
  • Cree White XE-G High Power LED
  • Cree XD16 Premium White High Power LEDs
  • Luminus MP-1616-2103-22-90 High Power LED
  • Luminus MP-1616-2103-40-90 High Power LED


  • Plaskolite OPTIX-L Black/White Acrylic Sheet