Photopia 2023.1 Release

PODT TIR Collimators - Added Stepped

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A new PODT collimator tool allows you to quickly create 4 styles of TIR collimator by just answering a few simple questions like diameter, depth and aiming. Then you can easily iterate on the collimator without having to join/trim any profiles or go into separate reflector and lens profile editing. What used to take 10 minutes to get setup now take 15 seconds, and iterations are just as fast.

TIR Collimator Tutorial

Light Guide Design Tools for Rhino

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New Grasshopper scripts allow for multiple types of extraction features to design light guide panels in Rhino.

Light Guide Tutorial

Pillow Design Tools for Rhino

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New Grasshopper scripts to create pillow surfaces of several styles.

Pillow Tutorial

All Changes from 2023 to 2023.1

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Improved BUG and Typing for Type V and V Square

photopia | reports

Added icons for LDT and IES export

Better radial ranges for polar plots

photopia | for SOLIDWORKS

Added individual on/off for recorder display

Fixed origin of Aiming Preview lines

photopia | for Rhino

Added stepped TIR Collimator PODT

Added mesh settings on the object level

Added individual on/off for recorder display

Added Smooth/Segmented setting to PODT objects

Added Simplify End/Start to Prismatic Profiles

Fixed "uknown command" for certain buttons

Improved reliability of layer on/off display for PODT objects

Improved license handling during crashes and unexpected shutdowns

Reloading lamp now respects adjusted wattage

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Library Additions - July 2023 thru September 2023

Lamps & Light Sources

  • Cree XE-G XLamp Element G High Power LED
  • Luminus CXM-9 COB LED
  • Luminus CXM-14 COB LED
  • Cree XP-G4 High Power LED
  • Cree XHP-70.3 HI


  • Generic Unfinished Aluminum Anisotropic Material
  • Plaskolite Optix LD 30% 0.08" Polymer Version
  • Trinseo DR-66-080 2mm Plexiglas Frosted Acrylic Diffuser
  • Generic 80x10 Elliptical Micro Prism Diffuser Sheet
  • Generic 90x10 Elliptical Micro Prism Diffuser Sheet
  • Plaskolite OPTIX-L Black/White Acrylic Sheet