photometric report for aerospace

Photometric Reporting Software
with customization.

Create marketing ready, high resolution views of your photometric data.

photopia | reports is software for viewing and exporting data from photometric files, including IES and LDT files. The software allows customization of the plots, tables and reports to match your branding. Everything can be saved as high resolution images or vector graphics for use in your marketing material.

Don't spend hours tracing over polar plots in InDesign or copying data tables into Excel. photopia | reports will output marketing ready material, perfectly formatted for your spec sheets or website.

Polar Plot from Photometric Report

Open and View

Any Photopia project

Any IES file

Any LDT file

Export and Save

SVG Plots (vector graphic to use on a webpage or import into Illustrator/Inkscape)

PNG Images (high resolution for web or page layout)

HTML reports (vector based for direct web export)

PDF reports (vector based for direct use or import in InDesign for page layout)


Polar Intensity

XY Intensity

Roadway CU

Roadway Iso-fc/Iso-lux

IES BUG Values

Indoor Iso-fc/Iso-lux

Cone of Light


Header information

Performance information


Roadway CU

Indoor CU

Luminaire Luminance

Zonal Lumens

Beam Angle

Spacing Criterion

UGR Table


Font type, size, and color in all plots and tables

Line-weights, colors and fills for most plot elements (axis, data, borders)

Borders, backgrounds layout of data tables

Specific content in plots and tables

Overall report layout

LTI Optics Photopia Reports Samples

photopia | reports allows you to create custom styles, but this does require hand editing HTML and XML files.

We're happy to setup a custom report template to match your company branding for $1500 / €1500 so you don't have to hand edit the files. This also includes 1 additional license of photopia | reports for 1 year.

If you have custom metrics or plots that aren't part of our standard library, we can add those to reports for an additional quoted fee.

You can also email example files to



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Current Photopia Users

Your first license of photopia | reports is included with your annual maintenance contract. You can purchase additional seats based on the pricing above.